Friday, January 4, 2013

A Bridge to Somewhere

Change is good, right? Well, sortof and sometimes, but it's always a challenge.

I do believe we are destined for good things, so change is an opportunity to learn, grow and improve our lives.

If you find yourself on a bridge in a dream, this means that you are transitioning to a new place in your life. Bridges also symbolize beginnings and endings.

What Color is Your Bridge?

The color, size, and length of the bridge are important clues to understanding what your dream is telling you.

Is the bridge small or large? Is it open or enclosed? And of course, what color is it?

And are you alone in your journey or do you have support? I hope there is someone with you to help you, someone with strength or insight.

How do you feel in the dream about crossing the bridge? Afraid or anxious? Maybe working toward overcoming the fear is being indicated.

A green suspension bridge would be a hopeful, open and strong bridge. It might life-giving changes are taking place.

A black covered wooden bridge seems a lot like a coffin. That may be a sign that the change is seen as unwelcome - you see it as a death. Relationships, jobs, seasons all can and do end.

Usually a bridge will take you to another place, or possibly a door. If the door is closed, this is a sign that you need to clear some obstacles in your path. Or  sometimes we have to wait or knock for the door to be opened. Take some action!

Curioser and Curioser

How do I welcome change? I let curiosity lead me. Ask - Is it really so impossible to change? What would I have to do? What would be the benefits? What support do I have or need to help me?

Then I think it’s good to let it rest a bit, and come back later. Oh, and talk to my girl friends.

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