Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Numbers – Do They Add Up?

Numbers that show up in dreams are often the most unclear part of the dream. On the other hand, numbers, letters and pictures all have rich meanings. So shouldn't there be a reason that we dream of an address on First Street or a ticket that cost $12,000?

If we just react to the number as if a $12,000 theater ticket is just a fantastical random number, we might miss something very important. So we might chose to try and decipher the clue - we might succeed or fail. But, I usually will try.

If you find the meaning, you will have a better understanding of the dream message. If you don’t I would encourage you to write it down. The number may come up again, and the additional information may help you in a direction.
I confess I don't have all the answers here, but am very willing to share what I’ve learned. I would advise the reader to search other dream dictionaries and sites, and their own reference points for meaning. 

I wish I could supply a more complete list, but I hope to learn more and share more over time. I will just use the excuse that I want to be additive, rather than exhaustive on this blog! So, here goes:


Two or 2

I find that two is often related to a duo, sometimes opposites which together form a complete whole. This can show us as a couple, a blond and a brunette (light and dark), or a man and a woman. Two parts of one person that might be in conflict with one another. Or two can reflect double strength or something times two, as in an equation, Faith X 2.

Photograph of two rosy apples. Two can mean two opposite, or times two or double strength.

Three or 3

Three can have many meanings for me. I find that groups of three often references Faith, Hope and Love. It can also be a reference I believe to a triangle, or delta symbol, a reference to change or difference, as in 'what is the delta between those two things?'

Four or 4

The number four most often occurs as a four sided table, or square table. A square table is a symbol of balance, a place of meeting and integration. Sometimes there will be two couples may also symbolize this kind of balance of four.


Five or 5

'Five Alive' like the citrus drink, which somehow has lodged in my head as a little rhyme. Almost always if I see five of something in my dreams, be they animals or animals, they will be agitated, moving quickly, very alive. I believe this means the psyche is moving and taking action. Get ready for changes.

Ten or 10

Perfection, as in a 'perfect 10.' Complete, finished, perfected.

Picture of wall clock showing 3 mintues past 12 o'clock. Sometimes the number 11 means, almost twelve, almost time, 11th hour.

Eleven or 11

Eleven can refer to the time being very late, as in 11:00 pm, or the eleventh hour, possibly the final hour. This would indicate urgency, that the time to act is now, or to act before it is too late.

Twenty Four or 24

There are twenty four hours in day. This may be a reference to a hope that might come true 'one day.'

Fifty or 50

My age happens to be fifty this year. The number fifty seems to refer to my age, and often with a message of being late. This is perhaps due to my internal conscious and unconscious expectations of what I should have accomplished by this point in my life. It might also be  a reminder that time is precious and delaying isn’t a great choice. If something important has not been accomplished, we may have dreams, like mine with a message of lateness, or physically being 'behind.' This would refer to our inner work usually, gaining maturity, taking important steps when we need to take them.

Another potential meaning is in 50% or half a hundred, half a dollar. This could refer to mid-life, being halfway there, or what to do with the other half of your life.

It’s certainly possible to live to a hundred – one of my grandmothers actually did, and the other lived to be ninety-five, so I do think of 50 as a halfway point.


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