Tuesday, January 1, 2013

There's Always Another Sock

... to pick up.

Do you feel like you’re on 24-hours a day? But it still isn’t enough time?

It’s both a cliché and an undeniable truth of life that there aren’t enough hours in the day. It’s no wonder that we feel the pressure to organize, schedule and multi-task. It’s a pretty common way to deal with all the demands. But don’t we wish there was another way?

A Downside to Multi-tasking? No Way, Right?

When my kids were small, I could never find ten minutes for concentrated thought. As a parent, you sometimes notice that your methods aren’t really working and your little child isn’t happy. Something needs to change, but what?

And why is that so hard to find a few minutes to think about it? Well, once you are in multi-task mode, you are always thinking of the next thing, not necessarily the next important thing.

“Put the glass to the dishwasher, drop the socks in the laundry room, turn on the hall light, and turn on the oven to 400 degrees.”

There is always another sock to pick up. Sad but true.

Secrets to Finding More Time

I actually found more time in the day and I'm going to spill it! 

Did I become even more efficient? Nope.

Did I start taking 5-hour energy drinks? Nope.

What else is there?

There are actually three things.

Thing One - Take a Little Break

I gave myself a break in the evening after the kids went to bed. Sometimes that meant that I left the magazines unstraightened.  And sometimes, I didn’t wash the pots and pans! I know, crazy, right?

You think you can’t do it - but you can.

I admit it’s pretty hard to rebel against your definition of good housekeeping, but I think it’s worth it. You can take ten minutes for yourself, or even twenty.


Thing Two - Release the Clutter

Clear your mind of the day’s stress and clutter. Let it all drift a bit, not really thinking or planning, or reviewing, just drifting.

Let the frustration, worries and stress go.

If you think of things you should do, just jot them down, and let them go.

If you have a problem, decide to either think about it now, or let your dreams handle it. That actually is The Secret.


Thing Three - Tap into your Dreams' Power 

Did you know that dreams are meant to help you by giving you answers? Your dreams can activate all your own personal and spiritual wisdom, solving problems, giving insight, adding to your abilities while you sleep. It lets you get more out of your day.

Does that seem impossible?

It’s really kind of easy. Before bed, focus on where you are stuck. Run over what you think your options are. Then relax into your night’s sleep, hopeful that your inner Self will help you. If you don’t remember your dream from that night, try again the next night, and the next.

Try not to predefine what information you might receive. Dreams are not like Ouija boards. Write down everything you remember and start using your dream dictionary.

People dream every night whether they remember the dreams or not, so be confident that you are receiving input. The answers may come to you during the day, as a new thought.

When you engage your own dream process, you are finally using the full 24-hour day. Sleep is productive both for regenerating the body and activating the mind and spirit. All this can be channeled into your waking life to give you quicker answers and less anxiety.

So, Back to Multi-tasking

Have you reached the limits of the hyper productive lifestyle?

Sure, you can get a lot of stuff done, but is it the stuff right stuff?

Are you going to get an award for the socks you picked up?

Maybe you would rather focus on the kind of children you want to raise or the person you want to be? Or time to notice what a great kid you have?

Those are the things I want right now. 

Do well and sleep well.

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