Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Missed Your Call

The definition in my dream dictionary for Cell Phone reads:

A cell phone is similar to an antenna in that it uses a non-physical communication link. Communicating with energy or waves through the air can represent our communication with the spiritual world, the Spirit, God, Jesus, our own Self or spirit, or another person.

This Phone is No Good

In a recent dream, I tried calling a friend to meet me somewhere. But my phone had no numbers marked on the buttons, making it impossible to dial the right number. In addition, this phone had no ringer, so if my friend called me, I would not even know. 

black and white photo of a cell phone with a blank screen.
Cell Phone
This is one of the clearest messages I’ve ever received, speaking to the complete and utter breakdown in communication between me and a friend. No communication could go out and no communication could come in. The situation has been worrying me, as I tried to understand if the situation is permanent, fixable, or whatever?

I would have to say, based on pretty clear input, that I don’t have the tools to fix this, at least not now. That breaks my heart, but there it is. I think if there were a fix, the dream would have suggested it.


Missing the Call and Missing a Friend

So, what to do? Acknowledge my loss and honor it. Then let it go. Go on with my other work, affect the things that I can, and be happy with that answer.

I don’t necessarily believe that dreams are prophesy, meaning that communication can never open up.

Maybe in another dream I would receive a new working phone!

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