Monday, September 22, 2014

Bathrooms, Flushing

Flushing, toilets, bathroom images tend to be symbolic ways of dealing with our problems, conflicts, hurts, and other negative emotions. Our inner person is telling us that we need to flush away the problems just like we flush away other waste. Down the toilet.... whoosh!

What kind of negative thing? Anything really that we feel is negative, that has affected us badly, makes us feel low or depressed, anxious or concerned. You know what it is for you.

Facts and Events

Sometimes negative things really happen. There is no point in denying it or sugar-coating it. People we trust can let us down. Someone might devalue our opinions or undercut us at work. Someone is unfair to us or someone we love. So, what do we do with that? It really happened. It's big enough that we cannot and should not shrug it off. It is showing up in our dreams as a filthy bathroom or a search for a bathroom. It was important. and we need to find a way past it to a more positive place. That is the dream's message.


Flushing Image

So, if we acknowledge that we are hurt, wounded, upset, betrayed, insulted, that is okay. It is real and we are mad, sad, discouraged, afraid to try again. All of that is okay - we should acknowledge what we feel - it is real, it is valid. It's ok to feel our anger and our hurt.

What needs to be flushed and how do I do it? What about dwelling on something? thinking of put-downs, come-backs, and zingers? Really wanting to tell someone the way it is? That is pretty negative and unhelpful, because we can't re-write and do-over. Or, maybe we think of retaliating in some way, getting even. These thoughts and attitudes hold us in that negative place and  we need to flush out of our lives.

How to Flush Away Negative Thoughts

I can only share what has worked for me. I'm not very perfect so you might not agree with my methods. Here are some of the things that have worked for me:

  • Realize that I can learn from negative things too.
  • Understand if there are ways that I could have acted differently or might in the future
  • Understand that I am not in charge of ultimate justice or fairness. Realize that people often 'reap what they sow' and 'what goes around comes around.' If a person needs to learn a lesson, they often will - but I don't have to teach them. 
  • Understand that I'm on my own path and no-one can really shake me off of it. Most of the petty things other people do really don't matter in the long term.
  • Take the long view of everything. I was fine before I met this person or ran into the situation and I will be fine again.
  • Put my faith in God to make me whole.
  • Look for a path to forgiveness. That can take a very long time but often there is one.

When we flush away all the impurities, we can have the cool, clear, clean water. That's life.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Painting and Creativity

Paintings and Art

If you are painting in your dream, that can reflect how you are using your creative energy to create opportunities in your life. There may be interesting content in the details of the picture you are painting, like water, animals, the landscape.

Perhaps you seem like a master painter creating a beautiful finished piece. Or perhaps you feel you don't yet have the skill or technique and you are a mere beginner with much to learn.

This kind of dream is somewhat like dreams where you see a spider creating spider web, or spinning its future or destiny. As with any artistic undertaking, the artist choses the medium, the size, the colors, subject and mood. A dream about painting tells you that you are choosing the picture that is coming out on the canvas. So, you might ask if you like it? Is it turning out as well as you thought?

It might also be pointing out the need to express yourself in a creative way. Many of us work in environments that don't really call on our natural creative instincts. Yet we might need to be creative to be happ? Do you need a reason, other than that you just want to do something that makes you happy?

Baking, cooking, needlecraft, woodwork, painting. The holidays offer great opportunities!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Door Blog

Door or Doorway

Doors in dreams mean the same thing as they in life, and are a powerful and common symbol for moving forward.

In your dream you may be confronted with a door. Perhaps it is inviting yet, you are afraid to go in.

That would reflect a fear of moving past a barrier, or entering a new project or relationship. Perhaps the door is marked 'closed' and you are redirected to another door.

Do you just believe the sign? Or do you not take 'no' for the answer and try the door anyway?

Sometimes we can psych ourselves out, believing that progress is too difficult - and we turn away without really trying. If we want something, we should try hard, try every door, see if there is way through to where we want to go.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ready to Turn that Corner?

When you turn a corner in your dream, this is a powerful symbol about making a significant change or perhaps needing to make a change.

Sometimes I get frustrated when I feel stuck and don't feel like I'm moving forward very quickly. But if I have a dream in which I turn a corner and walk into a new room, that is a great and encouraging sign of progress!
Window Nook
In your dream, you can take note of what kind of room it is? what furniture is in it? does the the room open up in an expansive way? Furniture can indicate relaxation, study, handicraft, music, or other artistic endeavours. There might be people in the room also who are helpers to you.

A corner can also mean that you have found yourself in a tight corner and need to find some way out of it. There will be a way out, but you may not see it yet.

That is great time to ask for dream guidance and be open to additional hints and messages.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Witches, Hauntings, Supernatural Powers

So, what to think when you are in the company of witches in a dream? I tend to take the view that all the various people, animals, and otherworldly beings in dreams are there to help us. So if there is a witch, she is there with something to offer - like some special insight, or a magical spell, or a crystal ball to the future.

Even if you don't believe in such things, your unconscious mind might believe you need a little extra help, some extra power to overcome a certain situation.

In my particular case, I was with a couple witches in a haunted house, trying to get out which was made hard by stairways and halls that dead ended, taking me nowhere. A haunted house can be a perfect metaphor for a time or place where we find ourselves haunted by the past perhaps, maybe people who are gone but present in spirit, or even mistakes made, things that seem unfixable.

Maybe the house is represented as haunted because it is under an unusually strong power, a little too much for an average Joe to deal with. That is why one would need a witch companion.

I mean, who would be a better helper than a witch? She has extra powers to catapult us out of our usual reality! She can tap into the mystical forces of the natural and the supernatural.

In your dream, what is the witch doing? how is she helping? And what can you learn from her? If you look carefully, you will probably find encouragement, determination, resources that are practical and helpful. Ultimately, you will get some help in the dream, and some good ideas for solving problems in your waking life.

Happy Halloweening!

Leave a note or comment if you like, I would love to hear from you.

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