Saturday, January 19, 2013

Underground Resources -Dig Deep

Usually something underground refers to the Unconscious, the part of you that you are not aware of. That might seem a little weird, but it's not really.

The Unconscious houses all your past experience and learning, intuition, spiritual connections, human instinct, and common human Archetypes. It's not at all uncommon to dream of underground rooms, caves, tunnels, passageways in your dreams, which can point to various different kinds of influence coming from an Unconscious part of of you which is seeking to be conscious. You will find references to underground areas in every dream dictionary out there because it is a universal symbol.

By conscious, I mean that you would become aware of this information, so that you grasp it or receive it. You would then be able to turn it in your hands, look at it from different sides, consider how it might benefit you, enlighten you, or change your approach in to life.


What Can We Find Underground?

The image is a good one because many things grow up from the earth.  An underground cavern may be a source of safety, defense, a hiding place for a treasure. What might we find stored in a basement, cave, or mine? It’s hard to say - almost anything.

I have dreampt that I sitting on a basement floor in the dark, sorting and resorting little pieces of paper, trying to finish sorting, and beening able to. I take that to be  at some frustrating interim place where I had many small pieces of information, but was not yet able to put them together, or understand the messages, or even know what pile they belonged in. 

Road Construction

At other times, I’ve not been able to proceed down the road I was on, due to road construction. There was a big hole in the road, which required me to stop. There was clearly some pretty serious work going on which required me to slow down, stop, redirect. This can mean that I need to change my direction because the road does not go through – it’s a dead end, at least for now.

Road construction can also mean that some fundamental changes are underway, which will be completed over time. Eventually all the work will be done, so that you can resume your path, as if nothing had ever happened.

Building Construction

Seeing a building under construction means that your actual psychological house is being renovated. If you see major construction, an entirely new building, many trucks and workers, you might be undergoing a very big change in your life, or acheiving a higher level of maturity, or a very different attitude. I think that major construction does not necessarily mean big external changes, usually  internal changes. But external changes may coinside with the internal changes.


'Major' Construction

 The psyche has its own definition of ‘major.’ It is ‘major’ if you decide to:
  • grow up and be an adult
  • take on a new responsibility
  • reject burdens that are not rightfully yours
  • break away from the way you were raised
  • commit to a long term relationship or marriage
  • leave a relationship that does not work
  • look for a more rewarding job
  • assert your own priorities
  • find resources in the face of loss, death, or illness
  • tearing down to build up again

I’m sure there are many other life situations where major construction project is the ideal dream symbol. If you require knowledge, buried strengths, more power to accomplish what you must do, you may dream of construction. There might be workmen are hammering away, trucks bringing in truckloads of new materials, electricians laying power cables, or plumbers hooking up water. These represent the forces and new abilities you will need to finish your project.

The construction refers to our inner lives or our psychological work. The underground can hold our own untapped resources, Mother Earth herself, our connection to our hope and faith.

We are all carpenters and builders – May you build with Joy

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