Friday, March 15, 2013

Health and Dreams

Ever been sick at heart, feeling a little queasy about something, just a little off? Those feelings can take hold in our psychological or spiritual world too.  Then our dream life starts to act as a medical advisor – you might visit a doctor or pharmacy in your dream, or you might be advised to take some preventative actions?  I’m sure you’ve gotten some wonderful medical advice in your dreams, and I have too.


Picture of  cute little girls in white and green dresses, waiting to get immunizationsIn one particular dream, I was giving shots to a comatose person (perhaps a dream person that reflected my own lack of awareness). They did not seem to take effect and the nurse advised me to keep trying. Now an immunization is effective because of the small dose of live or dead virus that is introduced to the body.
Perhaps the hint is to start taking some small steps to deal with my current problematic situation, start hearing some words of truth now. These small steps would lead to a better result than if the danger is ignored, which would result in a full-on flu episode, or some such.



Insulin is a hormone created by the body itself in the Islets of Langerhans, a fact I had known, yet forgotten. For this reason, the introduction of this word in my dream is more associated with Islands, or isolation, or distancing from a problem. The benefit of distance is that it provides a person with greater perspective, allows different thoughts and ideas to come in from the periphery, and allows the winds to be a little less violent. Distance can be an excellent remedy for lots of infectious diseases – best to avoid them altogether if possible. Of course, life does not permit us to hide from problems, hence the need for preventive measure and actual cures.

Insulation also is means of protecting oneself from both cold and heat. Your dream might recommend something of this sort: bandage, coat, gloves, or hat to protect from natural, emotional, or spiritual forces. Like what? A chilly relationship, the heat of anger, the cold light of day?



Islands surrounded by water can represent being cut off from some aspect of life, or perhaps the need to cut yourself off, retreat to your island paradise, your castle, or your inner world.

Ellis Island

In one particular dream, I was viewing an island that I knew to be Ellis Island – and that was pretty interesting. This is a symbol that could mean a couple different things – and with many dream symbols – it does not always mean one thing, it might mean both (That is a double whammy of a symbol!)
  • Way station - For instance Ellis Island was a famous gateway into the United States for millions of immigrants to America. Are you entering into a new phase in your life journey? Is some exciting prospect in front of you and you just need to clear one or two more hurdles? Maybe.

Quarantine - But Ellis Island also served as way station to verify the health of new immigrants – people with dangerous diseases were quarantined until they were healthy (if ever) at Ellis Island. If a quarantine situation shows up in your dream, you might need to remove yourself from a situation entirely as it is very dangerous and unhealthy. Or maybe I should do a little self-check  to make sure things are going well.


If you see yourself pulling away from a location or place, that might mean distance would be healthier for you. I think image has much the same message as seeing an Island, indicating a need to revise my perspective.

All these symbols can be warnings in some sense that things are a little off in my world. I suppose that they could also indicate a health problem, though I have not experienced that.

Be healthy, be happy.


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