Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Inner Church

What is an inner church?

Many times in my dreams, I am in auditorium, a theater, Grange hall, lecture hall, or a church auditorium. Commonly they have rows of seats or benches, in a circle or semicircle. Often the rows of benches will be ‘auditorium style’ or on steps rising up from and encircling an inner center. The room is usually white and sparsely decorated and furnished. It might be a church building that you are familiar with from the present or the past.

photo of the Mary Rippon outdoor theatre at the University of Colorado in summer.Something or nothing at all may be in the auditorium. Activities might include – a concert, a church service, a wedding. Or you might just be sitting with friends or alone. The activities, activity level, or calmness will probably tell you something about your inner center or Self. I think this circular image speaks to our soul, spirit, or inner sanctum, reflecting inner wholeness or need for wholeness, the rounding out of our personalities, even completion of an aspect of inner work.

Why do we have one and why do we need one?

Our inner world is a sanctuary, a place of reflection where we:
• gather strength (sitting with supportive people)
• commune with our own spirit and God’s spirit (hear messages)
• see ourselves as God’s unique and beautiful creations (commune in peace and quiet)
• join diverse aspects together. This might be reflected in a dream marriage ceremony or seeing four of something.

What might or might not be there?

Usually the cluttered odds and ends of our waking lives stay at the door. I find usually some person or persons are with me. The others will be symbols also and should be looked at carefully to make sure that the whole message is understood.

Lessons and Interpretations

If the church building is an old church that you used to attend, this reflects your old inner church, or your old concept of spirituality, worship, or rightness. If it is old or run down, your inner world, ideas of spirituality, spirit-lead direction, may be undergoing transformation. If the service is off-kilter in some way, or the attitudes are negative, you probably need to consider changes to support your spiritual life better.  Once, I walked into a dream sanctuary and found a bar inside. That was a shock!

If your inner sanctum is clear, light and shining, your inner world is being transformed by knowledge, enlightenment and spiritual awareness. If the people you are with are helpful, supportive, shining with inner light, and smiling then your inner world is doing well. The people may also have specific dream symbolism. What are their names and what do they mean? Are they spiritual people? what are the strongest associations you have with them? See the People Blog.

Your activities in the auditorium or church are also part of the dream. Are you participating in some way? Are you there to learn? Listening? What is your reaction? Are you attracted, shocked, appalled? Are you singing?

Usually the dream place, sets the stage for the meaning of your dream. By understanding that the setting is your inner church, you know that the dream message will pertain to your inner self or spirit.

It could be a message of common sense, assurance, even your direction or calling. Many times, I find the dream is about self acceptance and assurance of my value and God’s protection. We see and feel God in our inner church. It is a place of power and beauty.

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