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Change is Good - Three's, Shamrocks, Delta's

If we believe that life is the journey and not the destination, then we can always be looking for the next step, or in reality what we think of as 'change.' To tell the truth, I have a love/hate relationship with change. Sometimes I desperately yearn for change, and sometimes changes that drop suddenly into my life are very unwelcome!

Hopefully as we get older and wiser we realize that even the unwelcome changes often bring unexpected benefits, lovely new people, growth in ourselves, cultivation of new abilities. Is it all good then? Well, I can't honestly say that it is, but it is what it is, right? We move with the flow and try to navigate in the direction we think would be best. Mostly that works out ok.


One of the most common themes in my dream is 'Change.' Change of attitude, change of place, change in relationships, change in plans, change in family life. I find that the number three is associated many times with Change dreams. I might have three dreams in a row with the same theme, or three people (myself and two others), or even shamrocks.

Shamrocks and Clovers

photograph of three leafed clovers
Three leafed clovers

Now, if you are familiar with St. Patrick, you will know the shamrock as the symbol that St. Patrick used to explain the trinity to the Irish people that he worked among as a Christian missionary. In that context, the leaves represent the three aspects or faces of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as well as the unity of the three. So, the shamrock or three leaf clover can symbolize aspects of unity, difference, and interconnectness of concepts, or values too. But, I also find that three leaves can related to the Delta, or three message of change. If my dream contains a field of clover or shamrocks, or any kind of three, I look for both interconnectedness and change messages.

Do I need to change, grow, explore, open my heart, go to another level?

Three, Triangle, Delta

handwritten note for 'Oil Change' where change is represented by the delta symbol
Oil Change note to Self
Somewhere in my math education I learned to use the Greek symbol of the triangle, the Delta, to represent the difference between A and B. 'The Delta'  is often used in the business world too and I use it all the time in my personal shorthand. It is a perfect shorthand for the difference, or distance between point A (where I am now) and point B (where I am going next).

So, do I actually see the triangle? Actually no, rather there will be 3 of something. Then working through the dream's theme and purpose, I will find it is point to some aspect of myself that might need a serious refresh, and the 3 will be an underlying hint that I need to start changing in tune with the dream.

Learning Life's Lessons Through Dreams

Often, I wonder, am I done with this theme yet? have a changed enough? am I there yet? should I focus on other areas? Change dreams often answer that question pointing out more change on the current learning theme or moving on to another lesson in life.

In her book The Dream Book, Betty Bethards says our dreams are like lessons in school and our waking life is where we do our homework. Sometimes the work is slow, sometimes it goes quickly. Our dreams let us know when we are done. <Link>

Except we are not ever done, not ever there, are we? I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

"I still haven't found what I'm looking for" by U2 + Gospel Choir

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