Monday, December 9, 2013

Painting and Creativity

Paintings and Art

If you are painting in your dream, that can reflect how you are using your creative energy to create opportunities in your life. There may be interesting content in the details of the picture you are painting, like water, animals, the landscape.

Perhaps you seem like a master painter creating a beautiful finished piece. Or perhaps you feel you don't yet have the skill or technique and you are a mere beginner with much to learn.

This kind of dream is somewhat like dreams where you see a spider creating spider web, or spinning its future or destiny. As with any artistic undertaking, the artist choses the medium, the size, the colors, subject and mood. A dream about painting tells you that you are choosing the picture that is coming out on the canvas. So, you might ask if you like it? Is it turning out as well as you thought?

It might also be pointing out the need to express yourself in a creative way. Many of us work in environments that don't really call on our natural creative instincts. Yet we might need to be creative to be happ? Do you need a reason, other than that you just want to do something that makes you happy?

Baking, cooking, needlecraft, woodwork, painting. The holidays offer great opportunities!

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